Dry Season

The dry season is Wilder

More elephants would usually be around us in the dry season at Tree Tops Jungle Lodge. Moving into our area attracted by access to food as well as waterholes and a river.

This is a period where our visitors can get really stimulating highlight experiences and observe and elephants, in daylight, in the camp itself. Or, at lakes. Daylight would usually mean near dusk, the last hour before sunset. What is described here is in general terms. Surprises and unexpected occurrences
can always happen, anytime, any day.

From the middle of the month of May our area receives rare and short rainfalls. The landscape gradually transforms, getting drier and dusty. The heat and drought culminates from mid June to mid September where days are baking hot, grass is dry and yellow while the environment resembles African savannah.

With the dry and drought conditions elephants have a hard time and are busy finding enough food. In this period they often move out earlier, from the forest to open landscape. Sometimes feeding silently in the dry bush, very close to us.

There is hardly a week without sightings near or at the lodge. At night elephants might be heard in the bush, eating around the lodge. Some elephants are seen every day for a period; in the late afternoon, at night, or in the early morning on their way back into the forest when the sun rises.

Our Water Hole

In May 2017 we constructed a pond water hole for birds and wildlife to use. It is situated at our property near the mudhut restaurant. The pond contains around 10,000 liter of water.

This waterhole is visible from the mudhut restaurant.

The pond is frequently used by elephants, mostly the six months period from April to October.

The rest of the year water elephants easily find water many places also inside the forest.

Elephants begin moving to open landscapes in the late afternoon.

The Tree Tops Jungle Lodge property is one of the safe locations for elephants and they may meet up before darkness to drink water.

Evening atmosphere at Tree Tops Jungle Lodge